Lists and Accomplishments

In case you’re wondering, I finished that chapter I was dreading last night. It took me disconnecting from the internet for a few hours to get anything accomplished. At one point, my younger sister asked how things were going. The conversation went something like this:

Laura: Having fun?
Me: Not really…
Laura: You don’t like writing your novel?
Me: I just don’t like writing this chapter.
Laura: Maybe if you turned off the TV…
Me: Then I’d play Solitare instead.
Laura: You’re weird.

Yup, that’s pretty much the relationship between Laura and me.

So that’s my accomplishment–finishing that chapter. Things are going to get so much better to write from this point onward, I’m sure of it.

Now you might be wondering…but what about the lists you mention in the entry title? That answer is quite simple. I’m compiling a list of literary agents to start querying. I hope to do that soon. I know “soon” is a very vague time-frame, but right now “soon” is about all I can work with. I’m also trying to find a full-time job and I’m working on losing weight, so my attention span for finding a firm time-frame for the agent hunt isn’t so great. So, “soon” it is.