Oh, the failure of posting here…

Again, I’m SO sorry I haven’t updated in, well…over a month. I fail. I embrace it. I’m also very tired lately with the whole full time job thing dangling over my head. Who knew that staring at a computer and every so often entering a bunch of numbers could make you so tired (and then the geek in me thinks about LOST and all is right with the world).

Agent search. It’s still going. I’ve sent out…50 queries now? I think? It’s been going slower over the last couple months, because of work and my low energy level most days, but every so often I get a second wind. I’ve gotten something around 20 rejections. Great feelings involved in that. Thank god for ONU’s English Department giving me a thick skin.

Novel writing. Also going. The Boxes of Pandora is currently at a pause, seeing as how my characters and I are in a stalemate. I’ll win. I always do. But for now they’re putting up quite the fight to NOT work well with me and this is causing me to spend much time staring at the last page in that manuscript going “for the love of all things good in the world, can we finish a chapter?!” Ship of Dreams is also at a stalemate but for a whole different reason involving research, comfort levels, and my extreme paranoia of getting something wrong. I’m working on it, though. It’s constantly on my mind. Out of my projects, The Memory Game is going best. My characters are still in that happy place where they haven’t quite started resenting me yet, so all is puffy clouds and rainbows right now.

Sorry that this was a really abbreviated, somewhat boring post. But now it’s time for me to get OFF the internet and have another go at whipping my Pandora characters into submission.