First Partial!

Quick post to share this news, because Grey’s Anatomy will be starting soon and I always take my computer downstairs to write while I watch it. (No, don’t bother asking why…it’s just something I started doing over the summer.)

I got my first partial request from an agent on Tuesday! It was refreshing to receive word that wasn’t a rejection. Now I just have to find the time (and money) to get the partial shipped (yay snail mail) and I’ll be good to go. I still can’t believe that someone actually asked to see part of my manuscript. It’s a great feeling!

Agent Search: Week 2

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been querying agents for two weeks. It doesn’t feel like two weeks. It feels like much longer.

My new totals are 17 queries sent out, 2 rejections received. That’s all the response I’ve gotten so far, so I’m sorry that I don’t have anything more exciting to share with you this week. Who knows…maybe I’ll have something more exciting to share soon…

Let’s see…what else is going on? It snowed about 14 inches over this weekend, so I’ve pretty much been spending every minute indoors (except for this morning, when I had to go down to church to play handbells for BOTH morning services). I took a nap this afternoon, so that was exciting. Other than that, I’ve been working hard on my fantasy trilogy concept and reading lots of books.

This coming week will be quite eventful for me. Tomorrow (Monday) marks the end of the liquids-only part of my diet. I’ve been doing that part for five months (ugh). Doctor monitored, of course. Keep that in mind–if you ever want to do one of these intense diets like liquids-only, make sure you do it through a doctor to stay healthy! So tomorrow I’ll finally get to eat normal food again (hooray!). And on Tuesday I get to start my shiny new full-time day job as a temp at a Nationwide office. I’m looking forward to having money again and *gasp* being a grown up. 🙂

Lesson (re-)learned the hard way

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I rarely go anywhere without a book or a journal. Sometimes it’s one or the other, but usually it’s both. I even invested in a new purse over the summer just so I could more effectively carry books and journals with me everywhere I go. I do this because 1) I never know when an idea will strike me that I have to write down and 2) I never know when I’ll have downtime and wish that I had something to read.

Like I said, 99% of the time I have a book or journal with me. The other 1% of the time happens rarely and usually either happens by accident or because I’m only going on a short trip where I really don’t think I’ll be bored enough to read a book or have the opportunity to write down any ideas. One of these rare moments happened last weekend. After that experience, you can pretty much guarentee I won’t make the mistake again.

My friend Tracy and I went to Curves on Saturday morning. Since it was my turn to drive and we pretty much leave as soon as the workout is over, I didn’t really feel like lugging my big bag with me that morning. I usually do, but that morning I didn’t. So, after a few minutes of internal conflict, I decided to leave the book and journal behind. BIG MISTAKE.

We finished our workout, left Curves, and got in the car. Put the key in the ignition and…nothing. Take a deep breath, try again. Nothing. Just this aggravating chattering noise coming from my engine like it was trying REALLY hard to turn over. I tried six times (at least) and then called my dad. My parents were at the grocery store, they told me to try the ignition again in five minutes and then call them back. Five minutes later…the stupid engine is still chattering. I call my parents and then I call AAA.

AAA tells me it could take up to 75 minutes for someone to get to where I am.

Cue me kicking myself for leaving my books and journals at home.

Tracy and I sat in that stupid car for forty minutes before my dad was able to show up. Of course, because this is how my life works, he got my stupid car to start on the first try.

During those forty minutes, the only thing I could think about was how much I wished I had my book or my journal. You can be sure I haven’t gone anywhere without them since Saturday.

(And, in case you’re wondering, my car is fine. It was a faulty battery, which has since been replaced, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with anymore car issues for a while.)