Separation makes the heart grow fonder

Here’s something I learned five years ago when I started college–even though my sister Laura and I have been at each other’s throats a good 90% of the time since she was born in 1991, when we no longer have to live together, a miracle happens. Suddenly…we get along.

We learned this the first time when I was a college freshman. I moved to college and only came home for weekends up until Thanksgiving break. During those months, Laura and I talked on AIM…and we actually didn’t fight. And then I came home for a week at Thanksgiving and, suddenly, we wanted to kill each other again.

Moral of the story…when we have to live together for more than two straight days, death is a possibility.

Flash forward to now. I’m currently living with my parents and have been since I graduated from ONU a year and a half ago. That means Laura and I just had a straight year and a half of having to deal with each other. Good times? Most of the time…not so much.

As I said in my last post, Laura moved to college this past weekend. She’s surviving band camp currently and learning fun little things such as the concept that college boys will do stupid things like running down an all-girl hallway at 11:30 at night and slam into doors. College is fun, isn’t it?

In the last three days, Laura and I have talked more (and in a more civilized, friendly manner) than we have in the last year and a half. It’s kind of funny. The miracle of not living together lives on.

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  1. Tine says:

    I wish Katie and I were the same way! We get along fine when we’re together, but when we’re apart we hardly have time to actually talk to each other. She’s insanely busy all the time! Silly theater… 🙂

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