College and Wicked

For starters, yesterday I helped move my little sister to college. She’s going to my (and our parents’) alma mater–Ohio Northern. She’s going to be a freshman. All day yesterday, I couldn’t help remembering what it was like the first day I moved in my freshman year at ONU.

I lived in Founders Hall my freshman year, and that first quarter I lived in what was quite possibly the smallest room on the whole floor. Which kind of sucked. It is truly an art trying to fit everything someone owns into a room of that size. Laura (my sister) had to start learning this art yesterday as she moved into a room that was probably a good deal larger than what I originally had my freshman year–AND she has air conditioning. I didn’t have air conditioning when I was a freshman. I lived in a room that was so freaking hot that we had the window open and a fan going during a mid-winter snow storm and it was still too hot. Life isn’t fair.

Anyway, so we got Laura all moved in and on her collegiate way. She has band camp this week for marching band and then classes start after Labor Day. She and her roommate seem to get along really well…and they have all the same stuff. Weird. It’s like they were separated at birth or something. She’s in for a great four years there, I’m sure!

And then…

DAY 3– Saturday
Tracy and I went back down to the Ohio Theatre to lotto the evening show for Wicked. This is closing weekend. The tour leaves after tonight. We got down there a little later than usual, because I left ONU a little later than I’d planned. There were significantly less people than the other two times we went this week, so that was nice. We also ran into a friend of ours from high school–a fellow band alum. So we got to visit with her and her dad and just hang out. It only took 15 minutes for the entire line to get through and put in their entries. Then we all just stood around waiting for 6pm.

Nothing too exciting happened at this lotto. We didn’t win. We’re not going today, because I’m dead tired from the moving adventures of yesterday and I have two weeks’ worth of laundry to do.

Today…I also plan to revise my query letter. Not having much success (read: not having any success) with my current one. After I fix that…it’s on to round two of sending out queries to agents.