TDTL Day 20: The One That Broke Your Heart the Hardest

Dear C and E,

It was a long time ago and it probably didn’t seem that big of a deal to you guys at the time. It might even sound really petty. Even I have moved on–I got over what you did a long time ago (say, about two months after you did it). But at the time, I was devastated.

You knew I was vulnerable. You knew I counted on both of you for something at least resembling friendship. I was at my all-time emotional low and you two decided to knock me down a few more notches (well, you two and Anne, but I didn’t expect much better from her).

It sucks that you didn’t seem to think of me highly enough to realize I had feelings. I can’t believe how little regard you had for me. I should have just let you guys go. I shouldn’t have tried to be your friends again. No friends at all, even no not-really-friends friends, would have been better than the hurt you put me through. Those weeks when you ignored me may well have been the best of those years for me–had I not been so preoccupied by what you had done to deliberately hurt me.