TDTL Day 19: Someone That Pesters Your Mind (Good or Bad)

Happy 4th of July, all of you Americans! I hope everyone enjoyed spending some time with loved ones, cooking out, fireworks (I saw two different displays over the course of this weekend, so I count it a success), and all those other fun things that scream USA. I probably blew my diet a little. We’ll see how bad the damage was come weigh-in on Tuesday, but I’m not holding out much hope…

And now…the letter!


Dear Characters,

Yeah, that means you. All of you. Chloe and Alethea; Jack, Kim, Clio, Ella, Gloria; Anna and Samantha and Katherine; Lela and Edmund; even those I haven’t really interacted much with in a while (yes, that means you, Liz and Morgan and Jackie and Ruth). I know you all need and/or want my attention. I know you all have stories to tell. But you really all need to calm down. I can’t concentrate when you’re all screaming and carrying on and competing for attention. I’ll get to you all. Promise.

Liz, Jackie, Morgan, and Ruth–thank you for being the calmest for the time being. I appreciate it. Thank you for understanding that I’m trying to get your stories out there. Now if you could just stop trying to convince me that another Children of the Rose story is necessary, that would be great. Let someone else have the limelight for a while, huh?

Anna, Samantha, and Katherine–I’m working on it. Thank you for being patient while I try to figure things out. I know you’ll still be there when I’m ready and I love you for that. And thanks for reminding me of your presence on a frequent, but not quite irritating, basis. It’s actually helpful. Reminds me that you’re still there.

Jack, Clio, Kim, Gloria, and Ella–you all just need to chill out. You yell and scream and act like five-year-olds when I’m not giving you all of my attention. Share the spotlight and play nice with the other characters, I beg of you.

Lela and Edmund, thanks for realizing that I can’t focus on you just yet. And thanks for gently reminding me you’re there from time to time. I look forward to when I can actually spend time with you and your story.

Chloe and Alethea, thanks for coming back. Don’t go away again. I need you both and I need you to keep talking. And if you could keep the others in line, that would be great.

Now, can we all play nice?