TDTL Day 16: Someone Not From Your State/Country

Dear A,

Here’s the thing. I know you hate where you live. I know you find it boring and dull and too far away from anything (which isn’t true, by the way, because you’re probably about eight hours closer to NYC than I am). Seriously, everyone gets that. You never shut up about it. And you know I feel this way, because I’ve told you all this, but you just don’t seem to get it.

Nearly everyone hates something about where they live and/or grew up. It’s natural. It’s what almost always happens. For example, I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life (and Columbus all the time I wasn’t in college). I hate that the weather is so indecisive–one minute it can be 90 degrees and sunny without a cloud in the sky, the next it can be a torrential rainstorm. I hate that the only big event I ever seem to be near is OSU football games (this isn’t really true either, since we do get some decent shows that come through here). It’s boring here in Ohio too most of the time, you know. It’s not just your state. We always have construction. The traffic sucks (partly because of the construction, partly because no one can drive).

Here’s the thing–you can’t just always whine. One, because the whining doesn’t change anything. Two, because you annoy the crap out of everyone around you. You have two choices, really. You can stop complaining and just get away as soon as you can. Or you can stop complaining and come to terms with it. Either way, you have to stop complaining. I came to terms with Ohio, and found out I actually love it. You can do whatever you want–I really don’t care either way. But, please, at the very least, stop making every word that comes out of your mouth a complaint about your home state.

I know you’re not going to heed this advice. You never actually listen to any of us. But, still, I had to try.


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