TDTL Day 15: The Person You Miss the Most

This is my very first fail. I actually didn’t write this letter yesterday. I kind of forgot. In my defense, however, yesterday was my birthday, so I was a little preoccupied. To make up for this, I wrote two letters today. So now I’m back on track.


Dear Kathleen,

It’s so weird not seeing or talking to you every day. And, yeah, I gte that it’s been over a year since we were last roomies, but it’s still strange. For four years, I saw you almost everyday. We had fun as roomies. Our adventures were many. Remember the box wall at 3am during finals? Remember the Founders Hall murder game and the all-night finals week fire drill of Brookhart fame? Our numerous roadtrips to Cleveland for various theatrical events? Or how about when we filled the entire apartment with smoke when we failed epically at making sweet potato fries? Good times.

We’ve always joked that we have a very Elphaba-Galinda friendship and we were very much like them as roommates. And I’ve always realized how incredibly nerdy that sounds, but it’s true. I guess at this point, then, we’re at the post-Defying-Gravity bit of the story. We’ll see each other again, but we’re no longer seeing each other 24/7. We’ve said our goodbyes for now. (I’d say we were after the For Good bit, but neither one of us is about to, you know, melt. But whatever.)

I really miss you and we need to talk more. Our conversations have been so few and far between lately. We need to work on that.