TDTL Day 9: Someone You Wish You Could Meet

Please don’t judge my nerdiness.


Dear JKR,

This is going to sound unbelievably nerdy, but here it goes. I’ve very much admired you since I was about 13 years old and fell in love with your book and your own story. I don’t mean to sound like yet another obnoxious fan, but it’s true. Your story inspires me (and inspired me back when I first heard it at thirteen and was still trying to find my writing confidence) and Harry Potter moves me.

I have a confession–I never truly wanted to read your Harry Potter books. Sad, but true. I was annoyed into picking up the first one by my friends who just wouldn’t shut up about the series. I started reading the first book expecting to hate it. I fully planned on getting halfway through it and giving up, proving my friends wrong. I had never liked fantasy and I told myself I never would. It just wasn’t for me. Imaginary locations and unearthly magic and creatures that you’d never see in the “real world?” No, thanks. The only problem was…well…I couldn’t quite put Sorcerer’s Stone down. I breezed through the halfway mark and kept going. Next thing I knew, I was reading Chamber of Secrets. Within a month or so, I was finishing Goblet of Fire (at that time, only the first four books had come out). I was addicted. I was now joining my friends in book discussions and theorizing. I went to the midnight releases of the final three books. I saw all the movies within their first day (it would have been the midnight releases of all of those too, but pesky high school got in the way). I read Deathly Hallows in 24 hours. I’ve read the entire series, beginning to end, straight through, twice in one year. I get lost in the magic. I become emotionally invested and laugh out loud and cry.

I didn’t want to read the books because my friends wouldn’t shut up about them, but now I can’t shut up about them either. Go figure.

So thanks. Thanks for creating this amazing world and then sharing it with all of us. Thanks for introducing me to the fantasy genre (I’m hooked now, by the way, and I probably wouldn’t have ever tried it otherwise). Thanks for making me believe anything is possible, in the real world and the writing world. It’s amazing what all you’ve done.