TDTL Day 8: Your Favorite Internet Friend

Before I share today’s letter, I just want to explain that the fact that I address it to someone with a letter for her name doesn’t mean I want her identity to be unknown, like it’s been in letters past (and letters future, really, because this is the only person this would apply to). I literally call this person B. She calls me M. It’s a joke because we have the same first name and confuse our mutual friends…so we started being referred to by our last initials. Just wanted to throw that out there for your own amusement/information.


Dear B,

What can I say? Way back when we started talking on IMMB (why did the twelve-year-olds with a serious lack of grammar skills have to take it over), who would have thought we’d still be this close, what, three years down the road? You’re completely crazy, but I would have it no other way. You make me smile and your texts and Facebook comments frequently make my day.

I’m truly blessed to have you as a friend (and a brain twin). You sometimes understand me more than others (that whole “brain twin” thing again, you know). You’re someone I can completely geek out about Broadway-ness and lament the collective difficulties of the “real world” with. Those few months we spent trying to write and compose a musical along with Katie were months that I keep close to my heart and smile when I think back on them. Sure, that ended in epic fail, but it was a fun time nonetheless. Chaotic Skype chats, anyone? I also enjoyed our short trip to Louisville to see Spring Awakening. I still have the bag you made me hanging in a place of honor in my closet (where a small collection of bags and such hang out). Someday, you’ll actually get me to NYC to see Broadway and Times Square and all that first hand.

You’re awesome. You’re funny. You make me smile. You’re a fellow ERIN, for crying out loud! I absolutely love having you as a friend!