Agent Search: Week 1

Well, friends, here we are at the end of week one of my agent search. Granted…there’s still technically Sunday, but things have finally stopped being quite as tedious and un-blog worthy as they were an hour ago (yes, things changed just that fast).

This week, counting tonight, I sent out 11 queries to various agents. The official start date was January 26. I received my first response an hour ago. It was a form rejection from a query I sent out two days ago. While the rejection hurts, I still remember that I have 10 other queries out right now, plus a whole slew of ones I’m planning on sending throughout the coming weeks, months, etc. Also, I’m happy that I at least got some response, instead of being ignored.

When I haven’t been researching agents, making lists, and sending out queries, I’ve been working on my other writing projects. I have a fantasy trilogy I’m trying to get started (slow going) and I’m also trying my hand once more at historical fiction with a novel about Titanic, an event I was completely fascinated by when I was in late elementary school. It’s one of those things that I haven’t fully grown out of and I’m still fascinated by it and the drama that surrounded it. I can’t help it, really. So I’ve been juggling those two projects for the time being.