New Year…More Writing

Hi, friends! Happy New Year and welcome to 2010! I’ve decided that this is the year I’m going to get an agent and move forward on the whole publishing-a-novel thing. Yup.

My new favorite way to write, which I just discovered a week ago, is to take my laptop into my bedroom, light a scented candle, blast my playlist while my iPod is plugged into my iHome, and write for a few hours. Not only am I creating my own private writing oasis doing this, but I also can completely block out the rest of the world. I can just curl up with my novel and write a couple chapters. With all the snow right now in Ohio, it was nice yesterday to spend the evening doing that. I successfully managed to make my main character’s life significantly crappier, and then I made myself feel better by finally letting her fall in love (which had been planned since the beginning, but it felt like I was being nice after putting her through hell and back).

I never cease to be amused by the reactions I get from my family and non-writer friends when I do something that seems random, but really just has to do with my writing. For example, a couple months ago my dad learned the importance of not being sarcastic or funny with me when I’m having a mental breakdown/mood swing because of something I’m writing. The most recent amusement for me was when I asked my mom where the medical dictionary was. She found it for me and then asked me what I wanted to look up. I figured honesty was best, so I told her…I needed to find information on head injuries for my novel and google was making my life difficult at the time. I think I freaked her out. BUT, I found the information I needed, so freaking out my mom was a small price to pay.