Twitter, Fairy Wings, and Tutus

I got my computer back on Monday. It was a glorious reunion! I found out on Sunday afternoon that my computer issue was in fact a hard drive issue. Cue my heart stopping. But Dude told me that it should be golden–he was pretty sure he could rescue my documents, pictures, and music from my old hard drive. So now my laptop has a brand new, shiny hard drive that is twice as big as my old one…and now it’s running SO much nicer! It no longer takes it 10 minutes to turn on (I wish I was kidding)…now it only takes a minute or so. Good stuff.

Today was my writing date with Emmy. It was our first writing date in two weeks and we had a little bit too much fun. I was happy to have my computer back (hand-writing this novel over the weekend gave me a renewed appreciation of writing on the computer). Anyway, about halfway through our time at Urban Coffee, we both got side-tracked by Twitter. And by “side-tracked” I mean we had an entire ridiculous conversation for at least an hour just over Twitter…any of our mutual friends who follow both of us probably had nothing on their feed but our insanity. After she distracted me by talking about her iTunes playlist she has for the story she’s writing, which led to me making a 60-song playlist for my own novel, THIS happened:

ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm I also love how we’re talking over twitter and not with our voices, since we’re sitting at the SAME TABLE! Eat your muffin!
Serenityfilm @ErinLMillar Also that girl over there is wearing a tutu, and the other one is wearing fairy wings, it’s distracting…
ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm Weeeeeeiiiiiiird. Do you like how I spied through the bizarre coffee bean on the back of the bench?
Serenityfilm @ErinLMillar Yes. Very much so. I also enjoy that we’re using twitter for incognito communication…
ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm EAT THE MUFFIN, DAMN IT! You paid $1.75 for it!
Serenityfilm @ErinLMillar But you just stabbed it, now its tainted…
ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm Weirdo. I’ll put the strange girl’s fairy wings on you in retaliation.
Serenityfilm @ErinLMillar SOO WEIRD! Whatever, I’m not judging, I’m not. Really I’m not. I swear to god.
Serenityfilm Great, Splenda now owns my muffin. Thanks @ErinLMillar
ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm You know you love your muffin flag, don’t deny it.
Serenityfilm – This muffin has been claimed by the land of no calorie sweetners.
ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm YEAH it has!
ErinLMillar @Serenityfilm I dare you to go over and ask Fairy Wings and Tutu why they’re wearing…fairy wings and a tutu…
Serenityfilm @ErinLMillar That would be a no. HELL no in fact, I’d rather just silently wonder.

Anyway, after this entire exchange and a few more distractions, I actually managed to get an entire (long) chapter written today. Start to finish. I’m getting to the really tense, really interesting part of my novel now…so it’s almost getting harder for me to not finish a chapter soon after I start it. Which I’m gonna say is a good thing. Another accomplishment today is that I’m now on the last page of my outline! The end is in sight, friends!