Technology and why I hate it

Life has been a little interesting around here over the last week. On the positive side…I managed to finish three chapters, which is pretty remarkable for me lately. And I finally broke 100 single-spaced pages. Took two and a half years, but that made me pretty happy.

On the down side…my computer died yesterday. It just up and died on me, which annoyed me to no end. Okay…so I don’t really know that it legit DIED, but I do know that it will no longer turn on for me without giving me a fantasic Blue Screen of Death. Oh, how I loathe the BSD. This happened yesterday morning. After I spent a good half hour fighting with my laptop and trying with every fiber of my being to get it to TURN ON, I finally gave up. I called computer dude (that’s how I refer to him…my mom calls him the computer guru…his real name is Bill) who has fixed my parents’ desktop computer on numerous occasions recently, found out he deals with laptops, and was told to bring it over. So I did…frantically. I was in complete frantics all morning because, oh, yeah, I haven’t really backed up much on that piece of crap. FORTUNATELY, I have probably 95% of my digital pictures backed up and (most importantly) I have my novel backed up in, now, four places. Those would have been the things I would be stressing out about the most. I’m hoping against hope I can get the rest of my documents back…and my iTunes music…but the novel and the pictures would have made me devestated if I lost (especially the novel).

Anyway, Dude told me that it could be anything that’s causing the BSD and he would have to diagnose it first. He said it could be merely a hardware/software issue, something could need updated, it could be a virus, ooooor I might need a new hard drive. I’m hoping it’s a quick, easy, cheap fix that doesn’t make me lose anything…or at least not much. I guess I should be impressed that I’ve had my laptop for four years and it’s only NOW causing me to take it to the shop.

Ah, technology. It’s really good at biting me in the butt.

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  1. Jai Joshi says:

    Yikes! I feel for you. The BSD is painful. Best wishes for a speedy laptop recovery.

    Thank goodness you had your novel backed up.


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