Song of the day…

One of my favorite singers is Stephanie J. Block. She has a new CD coming out (it’s on iTunes now, hard copy out June 2) called “This Place I Know.” There’s a song in particular on the album that has spoken to me deeply, and I’ve listened to it a million times. This song is called “Gotta Start Small” and there’s a section of the song that I really relate to, which might be why I love it so much. Granted, this section is talking about writing a song, but it means the same to me as I’ve been working on this novel.

I wrote a song today
And I feel strong today
‘Cause I belong today
To those who create
An empty page was all I had
I thought it out,
Put pen to pad,
And as I added each line of mine
I felt something great
Using my hands and feeling fulfilled
As for the song,
I’m not that skilled,
Still every builder who learns a craft
Keeps growing by the draft
It’s just a draft

And after all
Gotta start small
Facing a bigger, more rigorous challenge,
That’s quite a climb,
I’d rather cling to each thing I can conquer
One at a time

Taking a risk is most of the battle
A victory to claim
Taking a risk, no matter how little
Small, but commital
Is risking all the same