In 15 days, I’ll be a graduate of Ohio Northern University. Today I attended my last AXD initiation and my last Honors Day. And then I got my cap and gown…and suddenly, at that moment, it seemed 100% real. Being the epic dork that I am, as soon as I got home, I tried it on with the dress I bought a few weeks ago (fits great). And then I proceeded to put the tassel on the mortar board and see how the whole thing looked in the bathroom mirror. The only thing I could think was…”holy crap.”

It’s a scary thing, this graduation–not unlike writing a novel. I’m terrified of what the future holds, mostly because I don’t know what it holds. I can’t believe my academic career is winding down and in 15 more days, I will no longer be a student. I’ve been a student since pre-school…that’s a whopping 18 years. Suddenly, I’m no longer going to hold that classification. I’ll be facing the real world and trying to make my own mark on it. God willing the mark that I leave will have something to do with my writing. Only time will tell.