Love of the Week: Fall TV Season

I have a somewhat pathetic addiction to television. I almost always have it on, even in the background, and I religiously follow a number of shows. Which means this week, I’m going to be in TV heaven as almost ALL of my shows come back (some start next week). It’s going to be interesting, though. Having just moved in with two of my friends, we’re trying to figure out how to balance the TV/DVR schedules, so none of us miss the shows we NEED to see. But it sounds like it’s all going to work out fine, between a DVR and me having a DVD recorder…so. My love of the week for this week is the fall TV season!

Some of the shows I follow and am VERY excited to return:

Castle– I always watch it right after dance class, usually while getting some much-needed writing or some other project done. It came back tonight. And, boy, did it deliver. I was looking forward to tonight’s premiere, because the finale left us in a Lost-style cliffhanger that was driving me ABSOLUTELY NUTS since May. Thank you, Castle. I thought I’d gotten past all that when Lost ended.

Biggest Loser– I’m big on Biggest Loser…and I haven’t always been quite THIS into it. But a couple of years ago, when I was first starting the liquid diet I was on, I started my diet right around the same time that Biggest Loser came back. And that helped me through, losing weight with the contestants. Now I still love it just as much…it’s a helpful reminder to keep the weight OFF. And I love the drama. Ya know.

Glee– I’m a Gleek. I admit it. And I have the hots for Darren Criss, who’s signed on as a series regular this year. I shall be in heaven. (Really, I’m not super-emotionally-invested in Glee, I just think it’s fun. And, you know. Darren Criss. HE is enough to watch Glee FOREVER.)

NCIS– This is a new thing for me. I’ve never actually watched a season of NCIS AS IT AIRS. I got into the show sometime last year, when USA was running one of their many NCIS marathons. My friend/roommate Tracy talks about it all the time and told me I HAD to watch it, so I gave in and gave it a chance one weekend. And I was hooked. Then this summer, I stocked up on all the seasons on DVD and caught up in chronological order. Then Tracy and I got our third roommate (Kathleen) addicted too. I’m excited to watch it as it airs for the first time.

Grey’s Anatomy– I’ve been really into this show since about season two. It’s going to be strange this season, though, because for the last two years, I’ve watched each new episode with my mom after bell choir rehearsal. Now I don’t live with my parents anymore. Fortunately, my roommate Kathleen is into the show as well, so I’ll have at least one person to watch it with.

Private Practice– I think this actually comes back next week, but regardless. I’m not quite as invested in this one as I am in Grey’s, but I still enjoy it.

Sister Wives– Yeah, I know. BUT LISTEN. This show isn’t like all the other nutty-huge-family shows TLC has (which I REFUSE TO WATCH, by the way…on principle that Kate was a freaking nutjob and I find the Duggars to be preachy and obnoxious). This show actually shows a completely different lifestyle…a completely different style of huge family. This isn’t just a couple of people who have overdone the having-kids thing. This is a very non-traditional family composed of several parents raising many kids. And it’s absolutely fascinating. (That, and the marriage equality advocate in me can’t stand the fact that polygamy is such a “thing.” I’m interested to see how the Brown family’s lawsuit of Utah goes.)

Storm Chasers– I don’t even know the rationale behind this one. I’m terrified of thunder storms and tornadoes and the like. But this show always has me riveted, regardless of the fact that about 95% of the cast is downright annoying.

So, there we go. The shows I’m excited to see return to the airwaves. What shows are you most excited for?