Random Wednesday: Why People in Ohio Need to Learn to Drive in Precipitation

Wednesdays…they’re going to be random. They WERE going to be ranty, but that seemed highly pessimistic of me. So…sometimes there will be rants, and sometimes it’ll just be me spurting off whatever I feel like that week.

This week, I want to talk about why people in Ohio need to learn that precipitation DOES NOT EQUAL driving like a moron.

I mentioned earlier that it was raining on Monday. I hate…HATE…when it rains and/or snows where I live, because for some unknown reason this makes people forget all they learned in driver’s ed. I mean…this is Ohio. It rains a LOT during the spring and snows a LOT during the winter. It’s how the midwest works. But, somehow, during the intervening months, no one can seem to remember what this wet stuff is.

I usually take the back roads to get home from work, mostly because the outer belt is an absolute nightmare during rush hour. BUT, I’ve since learned that when it’s raining hard or snowing, I need to avoid said back roads. The traffic backs up ridiculously. No idea why. It’s not like there are that many more people out and driving when it’s raining/snowing. It’s just that people forget the concepts of the gas pedal and green lights.

So why this rant? It was coming, to be honest. I rant about the sucky driving of my fellow Ohioans nearly every time there’s precipitation in the air, because I just don’t get why this is a problem. But on Monday I nearly got slammed into by some idiot who ran a red light, and that really was the icing on the cake.

The best part was…after I laid on my horn…he just stared at me like “what?” Yeah. What. IT’S A RED LIGHT, GENIUS!

I’m okay, though. I didn’t get hit, even though I was within a few feet of it. But it just didn’t help my mood that day, when I was already not a very happy person (Mondays and I just don’t get along, and this past Monday was particularly drawn out).

The moral of the story? Learn to drive in precipitation. It’s good for you.