Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season…or is having a wonderful season. Whichever way you want to spin it. My holiday season is hardly over. Sure, Christmas has come and gone. But that was only Christmas #1 for me. Christmas #2 falls on New Year’s Eve this year. Christmas #2 is when my mom’s side of the family gets together for their holiday celebrations. We exchange gifts. We eat rich food. It’s all very fancy (sometimes, when EVERYONE is present for the Dudley Family Christmas Party, we’ll take a large family picture. The last one was taken two years ago, because that was the last time my cousins were able to make it from Chicago).

And then I have Christmas #3. Sort of. That’s also on New Year’s Eve, but that one is ALWAYS on New Year’s Eve. That’s my Christmas party with my friends. Sort of. Because we also combine it with New Year’s Eve stuff, it’s only Christmas-related for all of an hour (which is when we get bored with unwrapping shiny things and return to our on-going game of Apples to Apples). That party is a Secret Santa one. I bought my person’s gift several weeks ago. Since then it’s pretty much been gathering dust in my room. Eventually I’ll wrap it.

I’ll let you know for sure, once all the gift-giving stuff is over, but this year is turning into something of a re-creation of a Christmas I had about ten years ago. That was when I had just fallen in love with Harry Potter. I have a picture from that Christmas…me with all my Harry Potter stuff. A t-shirt, a magnet, a trivia game…some other things too that I can’t currently remember. I need to find that picture again, because I might need to re-create it. So far I’ve gotten the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, ultimate edition DVD of Sorcerer’s Stone, and a Deathly Hallows wall calendar. My nerdliness makes me very happy.

It’s also a Christmas of YA novels. So far I’ve gotten The Hollow and The Haunted by Jessica Verday, as well as Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m stocking up on some favorite books, essentially, because when I finally move out I want to have my own little library in my room. I don’t have room for it now, because I refuse to buy another huge bookcase until I know what kind of living situation I’ll be going to.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season. Have a safe and happy New Year, in case I don’t post again before that!

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