My latest inspiration…

A few weeks ago, I was taking a walk. A nice long walk. In the ridiculous heat and humidity that Ohio’s been experiencing lately (so I was using this walk not only as exercise, but to get used to being out in the heat and humidity for Dublin Irish Festival). As I usually do, I took my iPod along with me and I was listening to Smart Mouths, a podcast I’ve gotten rather obsessed with over the last few months. It makes me laugh and think and it’s great to listen to while I’m at work.


I was listening to an old episode of Smart Mouths, because I was still trying to get caught up. They were talking about the earthquake in Haiti and what everyone was doing to help, how our generation is so into activism and isn’t that great.

Then…bang. That one bit, just as I was turning the corner to go down another street…I got an idea. Really, the idea was kind of unrelated to Haiti (actually, ENTIRELY unrelated to Haiti), but fully related to the activism of my generation. Idea. Really exciting idea. As I normally do when I get really excited about a story idea, which hasn’t happened in quite a while now, I started talking myself through narrative. A character popped into my head, a story, an attitude. By the time I got home…I was psyched. And anyone who had probably passed me during that last part of my walk probably thought I was insane, because I’m pretty sure I was actually mumbling to myself…lips moving and all.

Since then, I’ve written a good 6k of this new idea, most of that just over the last week or so (it took me a little while to get the ideas sorted out in a notebook). I’m REALLY excited about this idea. I haven’t been this excited about a novel idea since I was writing Nor the Battle’s sequel. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t really find that buzz again. I have now.

And, just for your listening pleasure, here’s a bit of what Smart Mouths is like. There’s probably a smidgen of language in this clip, because there almost always is, but I can’t remember. This is from their YouTube account.