15 Days Until NaNoWriMo…

This month is dragging by. I can’t wait for November 1 to hit!

Nothing new has changed in the status of my novel. I’m trying not to think about it too much, or just think about gritty details (like…how are my characters going to go out in public? I enjoy making things very difficult for myself, apparently). The NaNo forums over on the main site are bustling with activity. I have 18 dares, I think, which I’m excited to use and I’ve managed to suck in a few more friends (and remind another that, hey, it’s October, she should get her butt over to the boards).

Something I’m very much looking forward to this year is the fact that I’m in a large region again. With this, and the fact that I don’t have school or school activities to worry about, I actually get to participate in regional gatherings! For my region, the kick-off party is on October 25 and I’m very excited to attend. I’m looking forward to the Write-Ins, the Ohio-Michigan (or Columbus-Ann Arbor, I don’t really understand which one it is) word war, the TGIO party, and I’ve heard rumblings about a possible midnight write-in. All things that sound like a blast to me. 🙂