Bullet Proof Vest

Over this weekend, my awesome immune system managed to land me with a pretty bad headcold. Sore throat, stuffy nose, fatigue…all that fun. And it’s only managed to get worse as the days have progressed. Which is why, about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, it was decided that me driving back to school in the rain when I felt I could fall asleep at any moment was probably a bad idea. So I crashed on the fouton in the office of my parents’ house and watched TV/napped for the rest of the day.

One TV show in particular that I’ve gotten pretty addicted to as of late is “Castle.” I don’t know if it’s because it’s a mystery show (which I’ve been getting more interested in over the last couple years) or if it’s because it’s about a writer. Maybe it’s both. Anyway, it was on last night, so as I was feeling miserable, I watched it. One particular detail caught my attention and made me smile. There was a moment in the episode when all the cops were doing a raid at this warehouse-looking-place. I’m talking guns, vests, the whole thing. And as they’re all getting suited up, Castle (the writer) pulls out this bag. What’s in the bag? A bullet proof vest that says “Writer” in big, bold, white letters.

Now, while I hope I’ll never have the need to wear a bullet proof vest…and while I never plan to do research for a novel by following an actual homicide detective around NYC…if the occasion ever arose, I would totally want my own bullet proof vest that says “WRITER” on it.

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  1. SerenityFilm says:

    Dude, I’m excited you watch Castle, I love that show!!

    Mostly because I love Nathan Fillion. And thats how I role…

    Also if I’m ever rich and or famous…I’ll but you a vest with the word “Writer” on it. Just for fun.

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